Decentralized Credit Scoring Protocol

Enabling next-generation of DeFi markets with verifiable and secure credit scores for risk management.
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Supported Networks

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Our Products

Revolutionizing the DeFi ecosystem by building decentralized and verifiable credit scoring models

Evaluating Consumer Risk

Credit Scores for Users

Analyzing consumer risk with user’s credit scores analyzed from financial transactions from multiple chains

Market risk

Credit Ratings for assets/investment

Making decisions easier for retail and institutional investors with credit ratings to see investment will be able to meet their obligations

Diversify your portfolio

Indexes for crypto

Market-capitalisation weighted index that lets users invest in the entire sector, while only having to open a single position


Our Features

Truly Decentralized

ChainScore Network will support ~100 nodes with Proof of Stake architecture to allow decentralized web3/web2 requests.

100% network driven data

No third-party Services/APIs; All of the financial data required for scoring is fetched by Chainscore Network through on-chain indexers in real-time.


All code is open-sourced and the algorithms and research will be published in peer-reviewed journals for complete transparency and trust.

Community owned

ChainScore DAO governs how the network should function, adjusting fees, network parameters, development of the protocol
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